Tasmanian Technology Contract Conditions

Government Policy and Procurement

TasICT is pleased to work closely in partnership with our ICT Ministers office and the Department of Treasury. We represent the feedback and interests of our members to enable strong collaboration and mutually beneficial outcomes.

Tasmanian Technology Contract Conditions (TTCC)

The Tasmanian Technology Contract Conditions (TTCC) framework is the contracting framework used by Tasmanian Government agencies for the procurement of ICT products and/or services.

There are two types of contract conditions:

  1. General Contract Conditions – assessed as low risk and valued at less than $1 million
  2. Comprehensive Contract Conditions – assessed as moderate or high risk, regardless of value OR assessed as low risk and valued at $1 million or more.

Please refer to this URL to determine which to use: https://www.purchasing.tas.gov.au/contracts/tasmanian-technology-contract-conditions/ttcc-decision-tool

Limiting liability in ICT contracts

TasICT encourages members to assess liability requests from agencies to ensure that they align with the risk profile of your organisation.

Please refer to this URL for further details: https://www.purchasing.tas.gov.au/Documents/CURRENT_TTCC_Fact_Sheet-Limiting_Liability_in_ICT_Contracts.pdf

Documentation templates

The Tasmanian Government has prepared templates for contracts, modules and order forms that are available to industry. TasICT encourages members to review these in detail to ensure the terms and conditions align with your organisation’s practices.

Please refer to this URL for these templates: https://www.purchasing.tas.gov.au/contracts/tasmanian-technology-contract-conditions/ttcc-procurement-and-contract-documentation

Source: https://www.purchasing.tas.gov.au/contracts/tasmanian-technology-contract-conditions

If you have any queries or would like support to engage with the Tasmanian Government, please do not hesitate to contact Steve Adermann – Chief Executive Officer TasICT p: 0400 183 794 e: ceo@tasict.com.au