Dan Harrison has the following Service Offerings:

  • R&D Tax Incentive Advice as a Registered Tax Agent
  • Business Advice & Planning
  • Project Management
  • Software Design & Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Book Keeping
  • Advanced IT Infrastructure


The Research and Development Tax Incentive is an Australian Government program run between the Department of Industry and the ATO which provides to eligible entities a whopping 43.5% of eligible expenditure on research and developmentback to business as either a tax deduction or a tax rebate which in some circumstances can be paid to the business as cash.

With over a decade of experience and millions returned in tax incentives for our customers we can help you maximise your return on your valuable research and development. IS-ON is certified by the Tax Practitioners Board under registration 25866282 and carries appropriate professional indemnity insurance – providing peace-of-mind advice & services.

Why do you need a specialised R&D Tax Advisor?

  • Then Treasurer, Hon Scott Morrison, very clearly outlined in the 2018-2019 Budget that the government was looking to save$2B+over the forward estimates by clamping down on the R&D Tax Incentive claims. Regardless of who wins the next election you can safely bet that’s a saving any government wants in these times hence, the scrutiny is all but guaranteed to continue.
  • New, much stronger guidelines have been implemented for various industries. For example, in software development you can find the new guidelines here, you may have passed muster if you did something new and innovative. However, now for software you have to prove that at the time of the research and development, a competent software developer could not have built your product with existing knowledge. You’re required to collect evidence such as screenshots from forums, white papers, tutorials etc that demonstrate you couldn’t have solved your particular problem with existing knowledge that a competent software developer could be reasonably expected to source. AusIndustry makes available here, just as stringent guidelines for sectors such as:
    • Agrifood
    • Biotechnology
    • Energy
    • Manufacturing
    • and Other Sectors
  • The R&D Tax Incentive is specifically designed to only be eligible to companies creating new knowledge. That’s been the case since the 90’s however what’s changed is the definition of what is accepted as ‘new knowledge’. A few years ago, it may have been acceptable to make a new business off the back of an innovative idea, say a website selling short term stays in peoples homes. Now, you have to prove you couldn’t have made the same website without investing in R&D, which with 20 years in the business, Dan can assure you isn’t a trivial argument.
  • You need to be able to prove you couldn’t have solved your problem with existing knowledge at the time of the problem. For example screenshots from forums. This is why it’s important to get advice early.
  • To be eligible, you must follow the scientific method. You cannot just get to the end of the financial year and slap a claim together. Your Research and Development must be planned and put through the scientific method. Again, you need advice early in the process.
  • You have to be able prove that your research & development has some commercially realisable value.

What if I didn’t get advice when I should have? Well, not ideal, there will be a lot more work in establishing your claim – i.e. we’ll need to make sure you meed the criteria; but it’s not impossible.

Why Dan Harrison?

  • Millions in claims(more than $6M at the time of writing) successfully processed and audited
  • Scientific and business background as an award winning entrepreneur in two successful high-tech startups.
  • Decades of technology experience.
  • Nota general Accountant/Tax Agent, Dan Harrison only specialises in the R&D Tax Incentive.
  • Holds a Masters of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Information Systems; is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors; and is a certified Scrum Project Owner.
  • Decades of experience in project management
  • Decades of experience in working with technicians, business people and accountants – understands and communicates well with all three.
  • Dan is based in Hobart however he has lived in Sydney for years and worked out of Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. Geography is not a problem.


Dan has a Masters in Business Administration, and a Bachelor of Information Systems and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He’s been running businesses for decades. Dan keenly understands the fundamentals of business: Knowing who your customer is and why your customer will choose you. Dan can help you turn that knowledge into revenue.

Dan can:

  • Model your new business (a.k.a howare you going to make money?)
  • Provide executive market research (a.k.a. are you sure you’re competitiveor worse at risk of substitution or redundancy?)
  • Conduct market analysis (a.k.a. how much is your business able to makeas a percentage of market share?)
  • Provide guidance on IP considerations (should you patent?). Dan managed a suite of patents in 13 countries for decades, he know’s his stuff.
  • Draw up business plans (a.k.a. what other people will want to see from you)
  • Draw up marketing plans (a.k.a how are you going to reach your customer?)
  • Advise you on the things you haven’t thought of yet.


Providing business advice, creatively designing business solutions is not delivering solutions. For that, you’ve got to plan, execute, monitor with regular followups and review. Having managed over $15M+ in multi-year projects and qualified by his Masters of Business Administration, Bachelor of Information Systems Majoring in Management of Information Systems, and as a Certified Scrum Product Owner; Dan and his associates can not only see a project through from start to finish.

Dan and his associates also have a great deal of experience entering project management roles late in the project to fix the mistakes of previous project owners (or often lack thereof). Dan will get the job done.

Dan is experienced with a variety of projects including: Software Development, Marketing, Product Launches, Rebranding, Policy, Business Process Reengineering, Change Management, Health Projects and much more. Talk to Dan about your business project today.


Dan Harrison has been designing facial recognition software, cloud based solutions, point of sale solutions both cloud and desktop based, custom line of business software and accounts software for over 20 years. He has worked in startups for 10 years and prior to that with government, large corporates and even small business for a further 10 years.

In addition to Dan’s Bachelor of Information Systems and his Masters of Business Administration he is also a Certified Scrum Product Owner​. What’s Scrum? Basically, we get stuff actually done right fast and therefore more cost efficiently.

Dan has been working with Ivan Ignatyev, CTO of Vixeka Software Solutions for 10 years. Dan has managed dozens of software developers over 20 years – Ivan is by far one of the best developers he has had the pleasure of working with. By outsourcing to the Ukraine with a mature trust-based relationship we are able to deliver high quality solutions as highly cost effective prices.


Dan has been running successful Google and Facebook digital marketing campaigns for years. It’s important to get a digital marketing strategist in for a few very good reasons:

  • Google & Facebook will always consume all of your budget. Every penny.
  • In so doing, it’s critical to target
    • the right customers,
    • in the right place,
    • at the right times.
  • Having got some click throughs, but did that actually result in new business? Probably not.
  • So, you’ve got to re-market to the people who clicked but didn’t buy.
  • You’ve got to know when to double down and when to call a campaign a failure.
  • You’ve got to be able to interpret the campaign data.
  • You’ve got to understand the touch-point process in this fast moving world, is about 20 impressions before your brand is even vaguely remembered. But how do you know you’ve hit the same person 20 times? Google and Facebook won’t tell you that for privacy reasons and their own business models. So how do you manage that?

Above all else, digital marketing is not cheap, even if you do it yourself. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you will definitely waste money – best to get an expert.

Little tip. The facebook ‘Boost Post’ is a pretty good waste of your money. It’s there for people without Digital Marketing skills.


As Hobart-based registered BAS agents we can not only do your BAS professionally and on time. We also specialise in managing supplier payments, ensuring your suppliers are paid on time and correctly. Payroll? No problem. Debt collection, we’ve got you covered.

As Xero Certified Advisors and Receipt Bank Certified Partners we will bring you massive savings in productivity. Using technology we help our customers save thousands in deductions they would have otherwise missed.


Dan and his associates have decades of experience rolling out and managing $100M+ business IT Infrastructure.

Dan is personally highly qualified to manage large windows networks supporting critical line of business applications.

Having been partnered with Cisco, HPE and Dell Dan knows business grade infrastructure and how to get real return on investment.

Dan also has an associate, Andrey Chekanov who is a Cisco CCIE (the highest level of network certification) is Russian based in Serbia. Dan has been working with Andrey for over 10 years and has a strong trust-based outsourcing relationship with him. With our long standing relationship we are able to deliver both the face to face service you need and the expertise to deliver.