WatchGuard Technologies

In a world where the cybersecurity landscape is constantly evolving and advanced threats emerge each day, WatchGuard makes enterprise-grade cybersecurity technology accessible to organizations of any size. A truly unified approach to security means multiple products and services working intelligently with one another to cover your entire threat surface.
At WatchGuard, we offer a complete portfolio of network, endpoint, MFA, and Wi-Fi security solutions to protect your business environments, users, and devices.
Network Security:
WatchGuard offers a wide variety of network security solutions, including tabletops and 1U rack-mounted appliances, to Cloud and virtual firewalls. The Firebox® supports a host of critical security services, from standard IPS, URL filtering, Gateway AV, application control, and antispam, to services for combating advanced threats such as file sandboxing, DNS filtering, and more. High-performance deep packet inspection (DPI) means the entire stack of WatchGuard services can be brought to bear on attacks attempting to hide in encrypted channels, like HTTPS. What’s more, every Firebox offers SD-WAN
right out of the box for improved network resiliency and performance.
Multi-Factor Authentication:
WatchGuard’s AuthPoint® service is the right solution at the right time to provide effective authentication on an easy-to-use Cloud platform. MFA provides the strongest approach to user identification – requiring them to supply information they know, with information provided on something they have, to positively identify a specific person. With a simple push notification, the AuthPoint mobile app makes each login attempt visible, allowing the user to accept or block access right from their smartphone.
Secure Wi-Fi:
WatchGuard’s secure, Cloud-managed Wi-Fi solutions are engineered to provide safe, protected airspace for Wi-Fi environments, while eliminating administrative headaches and greatly reducing costs. With expansive engagement tools and visibility into business analytics, Wi-Fi in WatchGuard Cloud delivers the competitive advantage businesses need to succeed.
Endpoint Security:
WatchGuard Endpoint Security includes a wide range of extensible solutions to stop breaches, data theft, and cyberattacks. Our Cloud-based platform integrates the technology, intelligence, and expertise to deliver advanced prevention, detection, containment, and response capabilities via a lightweight agent. Get protection across the entire threat lifecycle by adding products like DNSWatchGO for endpoint DNS-level protection.