Indicium Dynamics

Indicium Dynamics specializes in the design and implementation of IoT and data integration projects using our in-house suite of products. Our team has successfully delivered projects around Australia and South-East Asia, working in multiple sectors ranging from water/energy utilities to local government and the private sector. Indicium works with a number of partners to bring specialised services or technology to our solutions, ensuring the best outcome for our customers.

Indicium has delivered a wide range of Industrial IoT projects specialising in the integration of Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) systems. The first step in any Industrial 4.0 journey is the secure integration of existing systems with the new IoT and data science technologies.

Indicium has developed the INDICIUM DataBus integration platform to facilitate large scale integration of systems and platforms. The INDICIUM DataBus works like an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to provide an easy to configure and manage platform for the exchange of data between technology domains. The complexities of integrating with a variety of different technologies in both domains has been simplified into easy to configure plugins leveraging existing standards and interfaces.

Indicium also licenses and/or hosts INDICIUM Cloud which IoT platform that leverages the power of the INDICIUM DataBus, Azure and other customer selectable technologies to start building IoT solutions for many industries. Used by clients in the fields of smart cities, flood alerting, digital forests and renewable energy, this versatile platform is a great way to solve challenging IoT requirements.