Roadmap and Demo Day

Mimecast Roadmap and Demo Day | Virtual 2021

Be a part of the Roadmap and Demo Day and you will learn about the latest Mimecast innovations. The threat landscape is evolving, so get a behind-the-scenes look at what’s new.

Participate in this free, half day event, and as a result you will discover how to make most of Mimecast.

Get involved because it is an opportunity to:

  • Firstly, join roadmap discussions and explore the future of Mimecast products
  • Secondly, see demos and talk to product experts about what’s new
  • Thirdly, learn about new support and reporting resources
  • Fourthly, get tips & tricks that save time and make you more efficient
  • And finally, connect with your peers and the larger Mimecast Community

The Roadmap and Demo Day will captivate you because it features inspiring ideas and practical, everyday guidance.

Put the right defense strategy in place and protect your employees, customers, and supply chain, because maintaining operations in the face of threat has never been more critical.

You will benefit as a result of the combination of informative keynote speakers and breakout sessions.

The list of keynote speakers is filled with experience and expertise, for instance:

Peter Bauer

Peter is the CEO, Co-founder and Board Member at Mimecast. He launched Mimecast in 2003 with fellow Board Member and Co-founder, Neil Murray. He is the visionary behind Mimecast’s SaaS strategy, which empowers businesses across the globe with comprehensive cyber resilience for email.

Heather Bentley

Heather is responsible for creating authentically human customer experiences through her leadership of technical support, customer success management, professional services and customer technical enablement.

Christina Van Houten

Christina joined Mimecast in 2018 as Chief Strategy Officer. She leads M&A, Corporate Development, Product Management, and Market Strategy. It is part of building out the leading security and resilience platform engineered to protect businesses around the globe.

Joshua Douglas

Joshua joined Mimecast as Vice president of Product Management in 2019. He has two decades of experience helping global organisations secure their business and assets.


Mimecast Roadmap and Demo Day

Event Information

19 May 2021 - 8:30am
23 May 2021 - 12:30pm