Project manager

Are you about to complete your grade 11 or 12 studies and get excited by technology? Love working with people to solve complex problems? Have a passion for information technology and running small projects?

Or are you already in the workforce and looking to change careers into ICT? Dream of running your own business or working on exciting projects with a multinational corporation?

Computing and IT is ideal if you enjoy maths and science, as the discipline requires abstraction as well as computational, creative and critical thinking.

If this sounds like you, a Project Manager career in ICT may be the answer.

How long does it take to become a project manager?

Courses can be completed online or in person, at campuses across Tasmania. Students can study at their own pace, with full qualifications taking up to 4 years.

Both TasTAFE and University of Tasmania courses include electives and foundational knowledge areas before studying the discipline of project management. You may study courses such as human resources, technical areas such as business analysis, networking or software programming, marketing or business administration in your first few years before diving deeper into the skills needed to be a successful Project Manager.

Combined with real world project experience through job placements and work experience throughout your studies, by the end of these courses you will be able to manage ICT projects using specialised technical and managerial skills. Organisations are turning to project management approaches to solve unique problems, effectively manage scarce resources and implement improved efficiencies.

What type of work does a project manager do?

You may end up working in roles such as Project Manager, Project Leader, Project Facilitator or Project Administrator, you may provide leadership and guidance to a team.

Where to study project management

It is important to review courses at the University of Tasmania and TasTAFE for your Project Manager career pathway, as they provide different benefits and experiences.

The University of Tasmania

Working towards a Bachelor degree in ICT or a combined degree (mixing with a second discipline that excites you) through the University of Tasmania over a 3-4 year period will see you qualify for technical positions but often move into management roles within companies, organisations or consultancies across many industries. Perfect for the student continuing on with their studies. The University of Tasmania also has pathways for those already working and mature age students.

Read more about the University of Tasmania Project Manager pathway on their website.


TasTAFE qualifications can provide skills and knowledge for a rewarding new career as a Project Manager in ICT. Courses are available from Certificate II through to Advanced Diploma level, and allow you to complete qualifications in stages.

Find more information on the TasTAFE Project Manager pathway on their website.