Being a software developer brings together problem solving, technical and personal skills into a rewarding career path.

Developers are well paid and have interesting positions in almost any sector – government, commerce, industry, education and research.

Software development jobs usually start within a specific project or in a support role but can quickly evolve into many areas:

  • researching, designing, implementing and managing software programs
  • testing and evaluating new programs
  • identifying areas for modification in existing programs and subsequently developing these modifications
  • writing and implementing efficient code
  • determining operational practicality
  • developing quality assurance procedures
  • deploying software tools, processes and metrics
  • maintaining and upgrading existing systems
  • training users.

How long does it take to become a developer?

Becoming a developer within Tasmania usually requires studying programming courses at UTAS within a Bachelor of Computing degree (3 years) or studying programming at Tafe (Certificate IV in Information Technology).

What types of jobs does a developer do?

Developers are able to move into other areas of IT management or become a deep specialist within a specific technical area.

Each organisation may have its own promotion paths and position titles, however it is typical for a developer to move to a senior/team lead position before becoming a solution architect or technical specialist. From here, you may want to stay in a technical role, but management and sales roles may become available.

Where to study development

The following links are to educational institutions for this career path: