Scoot Boot launches world’s first app for sizing equine hooves

Tasmanian exporter, Scoot Boot, has launched its Hoof Sizer application.

The company which launched in 2015 is the first equine hoof boot manufacturer in the world
to launch a sizing app, making the process for customers easier, faster and more accurate.
Based out of Cambridge (TAS), Scoot Boot has grown to become a multi-million-dollar
turnover company with tens of thousands of customers across 90 countries.

The company last month won its fifth Tasmanian Export Awards for e-Commerce and in
2018 won Telstra’s Tasmanian Business of the Year and the Emerging and Energised
category (State and National).
Scoot Boot Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, Annette Kaitinis, described the company
as the tech-quineTM leaders.
“We are leading the equine industry with technology for everything in our business from
order management and fulfilment to digital marketing and customer service with our Hoof
Sizer app,” Ms Kaitinis said.
“With the app, our customers can more than halve the time it takes to validate the right size
for their equines and place and receive their orders.”
Ms Kaitinis said her team developed the app with partners ISW and Digital Ink.

ISW State Manager for Tasmania, Mark Andersen, said his team was proud to have Scoot
Boot as a client to help showcase true Tasmanian talent.
“The Scoot Boot team are future-forward in their approach to doing business. Working
together has helped us push the boundaries to give global customers a unique digital service
experience,” Mr Anderson said.

He said the two partners were already planning the second phase of the app to incorporate
new and emerging technologies.

Attending the launch were representatives of Local and State Government and ICT and IT
industry bodies.
The free app is available on both IOS and Android app stores. Simply search Scoot Boot,
select the Scoot Boot – Hoof Sizer and download.