Diversity is the Key

TasICT, the peak body representing the ICT industry in Tasmania, believes employers can tap into a goldmine of creativity and ingenuity by embracing Diversity.

A Workplace Diversity networking event on Thursday September 21, is aimed at helping employers identify a hidden talent market and demonstrate how diversity can add to a talent strategy.

TasICT Chief Executive Officer Steve Adermann said “the digital landscape continues to evolve and so does the imperative for inclusivity in the workplace. The Workplace Diversity event is tailored to equip hiring managers with a profound understanding of the advantages of embracing diversity by tapping into the hidden talent market”. He added “We aim to reshape hiring strategies and foster an environment of innovation that can transform the ICT sector and all businesses”.

The event’s four guest speakers will delve into to the potential of varied perspectives, backgrounds and first-hand experiences. The presenters are MyState Limited’s Head of Technology David Mills, Managing Director of leading Tasmanian employment Agency Red Apple IT Georgi Brown, Associate Director UTAS Enterprise Business Services Richard Eccles and Director Whole of Government Service Delivery & Operations, David Moore. Each speaker will deliver a short presentation followed by Q&A.

Mr Adermann believes the Workplace Diversity networking event will share insights on dismantling barriers that hinder inclusivity and magnify the potential of underrepresented individuals.

The event is on Thursday September 21 at the Old Woolstore Apartment Hotel, Macquarie Street Hobart from 5.30 – 7.30pm. Although the event is free to attend, registrations are required via the TasICT website.