TasICT Member Awarded Platinum Partner

ISW Awarded Platinum Partner Status by Informatica for Cloud Data Management

Highest Level of Partnership Helps Customers Drive Faster Time-to-Value With

Intelligent Data Management Cloud

ISW, a multi-award-winning Australian cloud and software provider today announced that the company has attained Platinum partner status, the highest level of partnership within Informatica’s Global Partner Program.

Through its long serving partnership with Informatica, an enterprise cloud data management leader, ISW has been working closely with customers to provide intelligent data mapping solutions that accelerate business growth, increase efficiency, and provide intelligent data driven insights for analytics and business decisions.

In the Platinum partnership, ISW will work jointly with Informatica to help customers leverage Informatica’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC), a comprehensive AI-powered cloud data management platform with more than 200 intelligent cloud services, to unleash the power of data for value creation through the following initiatives:

Cloud Ignition Pilot Program: This program allows prospective clients to experience accelerated Cloud Data Integration on IDMC platform for a 30-day trial. ISW will work with prospective clients to identify business use cases and assess functionality before carrying out a full-scale implementation.

Cloud Ignition Health Check: ISW provides Informatica Cloud Health checks to assess the performance of existing software environments, and generates ratings and recommendations against best practices, thus allowing for increased performance and improved adoption.

Data Quality and Governance Ignition Program: Through this program, clients can experience some of the potential capabilities of Informatica’s Cloud Data Quality and Cloud Data Governance and Catalogue aligned within their key business objectives.

“We are thrilled to be promoted to Informatica’s platinum partner as this award status recognises our relentless commitment and focus in offering market-leading solutions to customers who are looking to create value from their data-led digital transformation,” said Ian Warner, Managing Director of ISW. The recognition speaks volume about the success and contributions we have brought to the partnership with Informatica since we became a silver partner in 2018.”

“ISW has been instrumental in helping customers maximise value from their data-led transformation journey and their exemplary performance has resulted in them being recognised  with the highest-level of partnership status in our global program,” said Richard Scott, Vice President and Managing Director, Informatica Australia & New Zealand. As we move to expand our partnership into IDMC offering, we look forward to working alongside ISW to help customers discover more value from data at enterprise scale,  delivering faster, secure, and trusted intelligent insights from the cloud for positive outcomes.”

About ISW ISW is a multi-award-winning Australian systems integrator, independent software vendor, software engineering, cloud, and IT services provider.

Since our inception in 1996, ISW has been recognised as one of the most experienced and competent IT organisations across the Cloud, Software, Application Development and Service channels in Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

We are committed to achieving excellence in the design, development, implementation, systems integration and support of IT software & services. We are specialists in a wide range of digital solutions including Cloud Computing, Workplace Collaboration, Application Development, Monitoring & Analytics, Data Intelligence, AI & IoT and Industrial Solutions