Major investment to deliver faster speeds

NBN Co Media Release

Thousands of homes and businesses across regional Australia, including Tasmania, are set to benefit from faster internet connectivity, thanks to a $750 million investment in the nbn® Fixed Wireless network.

The investment aims to deliver:

Extended Fixed Wireless: Enhanced coverage and extended maximum range limit for some nbn® fixed wireless towers resulting in expansion of the fixed wireless footprint coverage by up to 50 per cent enabling approximately 120,000 formerly satellite-only eligible premises to access fixed wireless services.

Faster Fixed Wireless wholesale speeds: Following consultation and launch, nbn proposes that homes and businesses in the expanded nbn Fixed Wireless footprint will be able to order retail services via their service provider over nbn’s wholesale tiers proposed to offer potential maximum wholesale download speeds of up to 100 Megabits per second (Mbps). Nbn is aiming that up to an anticipated 85 per cent of the expanded footprint will also be able to order services with potential maximum wholesale download speeds of up to 250 Mbps, which is up to three times faster than the highest wholesale speeds available today.

Improve Fixed Wireless typical wholesale busy hour speeds: Fixed Wireless network improvements are expected to allow nbn to implement a new measure to indicate the network’s capability to achieve ‘typical wholesale busy period speeds’ of at least 50 Mbps (download).

Enhanced data limits and network performance on nbn Sky Muster: For the homes and businesses that remain on nbn Satellite, nbn is proposing to unmeter nbn Sky Muster Plus data for the majority of the day with the off-peak period for unmetered data increasing to 16 hours (12am – 4pm) per day, from the current six-hour window (1am – 7am). This is anticipated to be applied from mid 2022. In addition, for regular Sky Muster, nbn is aiming to increase average monthly data allowances to 55 Gigabytes (GB), increasing to 90 GB once the fixed wireless upgrade is complete in around two and a half years’ time.

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