Tasmanian tech capability in the spotlight

Tasmanian Government Media Release

The Tasmanian Liberal Government is the strongest supporter of our ICT industry which employs more than 9,000 people and is projected to grow to more than 12,000 by 2026.

It’s not just a significant employer and business enabler in its own right, the sector is also essential to all Tasmanian businesses and plays an ever-growing role in almost all aspects of life and the economy.

To ensure that the industry can grow and prosper, we continue to work closely with the industry to strengthen its capabilities, support skill development, and promote the industry at a national and international level.

Deloitte Access Economics has been engaged to measure the current capabilities of Tasmania’s technology sector, the first study of its kind in more than a decade, so we can assess the industry’s strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

Deloitte will distribute an ICT sector survey giving Tasmanian companies that produce, provide or use technology products or services the chance to contribute to the industry’s future.

CEO of TasICT, Steve Adermann, has welcomed this initiative which comes at a critical time for the sector that continues to support priority industries to adapt to a dramatically changing environment.

“This analysis will help us better understand sector demographics and capabilities and will help identify opportunities for growth of the sector, so we can better promote our products and services both locally and into export markets, as well as identify and address future skills needs,” Mr Adermann said.

We thank TasICT, ACS Tasmanian branch, Tas Game Makers, as well as the TCCI and Launceston Chamber of Commerce for facilitating this study and supporting the Tasmanian ICT sector more broadly.