Where are the commitments?

TasICT, the peak industry body for the Information, Communication and Technology sector has welcomed the release of the Tasmanian Government’s Our Digital Future document but believes the plan for digital transformation is way short of what the state requires. 

TasICT President Martin Anderson has pointed out that the actions in the strategy are extremely modest and there are no timelines or budgets attached to any of the goals.  “Without this, the document is good in intent but lacks any real conviction” Mr Anderson said.  “ The last ICT strategy which was released in 2011 set measurable goals and dates for completion, but in stark contrast the latest document states what major actions are to be taken without describing how or when they are to be completed”.

In November 2019, TasICT submitted its response to the Tasmanian Government’s Our Digital Future strategy, however many of the suggestions have been only partially adopted or ignored altogether. The 16 page TasICT submission addresses digital transformation in Tasmania, coordination, customer service, digital capability uplift, data, legislation, improvement of telecommunication infrastructure and working with the local industry.

Mr Anderson said “The ICT sector agrees with the statement by Minister for Science and Technology Michael Ferguson that we are more reliant on technology than ever before, which is why it is so important for the Tasmanian Government to commit significant funds and resources to achieving the goal of ‘anytime anywhere’ services and information for Tasmanians”. He added “It appears that government goals are being put behind business and community goals and that minor programmes have been designed to avoid the big task of digital transformation within the Tasmanian Government”  

 TasICT is a not for profit membership organisation, which is supported by individuals, sole traders, start-ups, small & medium sized enterprises, large businesses, corporations, educational institutes and other industry bodies.