New approach to employment pathways

The State Government (Department of State Growth and Skills Tasmania) along with TasICT, the Industry Peak Body for ICT, are developing an approach to assisting Tasmanians into pathways to employment in the ICT industry and other roles with a requirement for ICT skills in Tasmanian Businesses.

Project Springboard is the pilot program tasked with identifying, matching and supporting employers and candidates into these roles. Over the next 11 months TasICT will design and develop a pathway to employment for up to 10 candidates in the ICT industry. This pathway will include relevant training, mentoring and industry connection and support to ensure the candidates

We would like to engage Tasmanian businesses to participate in this pilot program and we are inviting expression of interest from organisations that have expected business needs, that will result in vacancies, that meet the following criteria:

  • Should be an identified ICT role or require significant ICT skills to fulfil the role requirements, for example roles requiring digital marketing or data analysis skills may be included – and role is required within the next 11 months; or
  • Should be an identified professional development action for an individual in your business within the next 11 months; and
  • Employer is willing to engage in developing a current employee to be fit for the role, including reasonable costs for training and allowing the employee to reasonably participate in mentor sessions and industry connection activities; or
  • Employer is willing to consider engaging an individual candidate outside of their organisation through the Springboard program for this vacancy;

Based on State Government identified priority industries, Employers should also be a member of those priority industries identified.

How do businesses express interest in participating?

Complete the expression of interest (EOI) via email to and submit before close of business Friday, 07 August 2020.

The Project Manager for the Springboard Project will be in contact to confirm receipt of your EOI.

Do I have to pay for participation in the pilot program?

Employers are not required to pay for the mentoring and industry connection activity for the pilot program.

Employers may be required to fund training opportunities for individual candidates. It is a goal of the program that we provide funding opportunities for these training activities, however it is also expected that some specific certification may require co-funding by the employers (in the case of an industry certification where there is a certification cost that cannot be waived). This is specific to the employer and their skill requirements and we are unable to identify what those costs might be. We will work with the successful employer to ensure the training needs and the budget requirements are documented and understood upfront.

Do I have to employ a candidate from the program?

The goal is that the candidates from the program make a positive contribution to your organisation and they are engaged during their interactions with you. We will regularly provide opportunities for you to give feedback on the candidates and we will engage in an ongoing conversation throughout the program as to how employing a candidate from the program will fulfil your workforce requirements.

How will my organisation be identified during the program?

Your information will be collected as part of the program. We may use your name, organisation and note your involvement in the program through reporting and media articles throughout the course of the project. By participating in the program you give your express permission for this to occur and all public communications will be made available for your review prior to publishing.

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