Smart farms – easier, cheaper, faster

Thousands of data sensors are giving Tasmania’s research and teaching farms an agritech facelift.

The Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture (TIA) and Sense-T have installed a Long Range (LoRa) data communication gateway on the University of Tasmania’s research farm at Cambridge.

The resulting network, called LoRaWAN, can include up to 1000 sensors and is being used to transform traditional farms into ‘smart farms’.

“LoRaWAN is changing the way data is sensed and communicated on farms,” TIA Research Fellow Dr Marcus Hardie said.

“TIA researchers will be able to collect information remotely that we’ve never collected before – such as moisture, heat, wind speed, gasses in the air and animal and insect locations via GPS.

“We know that access to instantaneous data can make farming way more efficient and we’re keen to know how this tech could benefit farmers in Tassie.

Pictured: Dr Warwick Gillespie (Research Engineer, Sense-T), Dr Marcus Hardie (Research Fellow, TIA) and Simon Edwards (Senior Research Engineer, Sense-T).,-cheaper,-faster