2019 ICT Tasmanian Conference and Innovation Exhibition

The 7th. Annual ICT Tasmanian Conference & Innovation Exhibition will take place on Friday November 15, 2019. This year’s conference will feature two session streams, each with an interesting and engaging line up of speakers and presentations. The conference will offer eight separate sessions followed by the Tasmanian Government – ICT Industry Summit.

Maritime Defence Knowledge Centre

AMC has provided the national capability for nearly 40 years. With the National Shipbuilding Program poised to spend $80b+ on Naval assets, AMC & Defence Primes are re-imagining physical, intellectual & digital embodiment; fit for the next 40 years.

Michael Woodward – Australian Maritime College

Cyber Security – It’s not just Black & White

Learn the challenges of Cyber Security in this inter-connected world. Explore threats, data, design, connected systems, authentication, breaches & personal information. Discover how to develop a response plan and what actions you can take.

Andrew Quill – AQ Advisory Proprietor

Using Watson AI to accelerate Business Success

Discover how the industry-leading machine learning & artificial intelligence technologies have been used by business to transform customer and employees experience, increase productivity and save millions of dollars in costs each year.

Graham Walker – IBM Watson AI Architect

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Join UiPath Robotic Process Automation specialists who’ll share the tools & methods to enable you to move faster, serve customers better & operate more efficiently. MyState’s Head of Technology will share his experience using Robotic Process Automation

Tony Nudd – Business Automation Robotics Specialist 

Ken Day – RPA Consultant

David Mills – MyState Head of Technology

Bridging the Digital Gap

Transformation is a strategic imperative for Tasmanian businesses & industries. This requires skillsets which are missing as our finest graduates move interstate for opportunities. They want to stay-we need them here. How do we bridge the digital gap? 

Susanne Schantz – RACT General Manager Digital

Leading Blind-Work in a Future you can’t see yet

You’ll be taken through the literacies every Business Analyst should have. Hear about the forces emerging as major disruptors & influencers of the future of all organisations. Discover why we don’t know how that future looks and why it’s both terrifying & exciting. Supported By

Katy Cooper – Disruptive Co Managing Director

Designing the Adaptive & Agile Organisation

At this special event, you will learn about organisational agility & practical ideas to take back for your team or organisation. This engaging session will help you prepare for the workplace of the future & present a new way of approaching organisational change. Supported By

Eduardo Nofuentes – Agile Eleven CEO

The Time is Now

The theme of this presentation is how business analysis (BA) helps create a better world. BA professionals are in high demand with high levels of professional vacancies. The presentation unpacks key themes to identify the relevance of BA techniques & mindset. Supported By

Hugh Peterken – IIBA – Aust Chapter President

Tasmanian Government – ICT Industry Summit

Session 1 – Strategy & Cloud Policy

Hon.Michael Ferguson – Minister for Science & Technology 
Glen Lewis – Tasmanian Government Chief Information Officer
Ian Warner -President TasICT


A presentation by the Minister for Science & Technology followed by panel discussion and Q&A session on the Consultation Draft of ‘Our Digital Future’ Tasmanian Government Strategy for Digital Transformation 2019-2022 & the Consultation Draft of ‘Tasmanian Government Cloud Policy’.

Session 2 – Government Procurement

Hon.Michael Ferguson – Minister for Science & Technology
Abagail Shelley – Director Procurement, Risk & Contract Management Branch(Treasury)
Karen Murfett – Chair TasICT Government Procurement Sub-Committee


A presentation by the Director of the Procurement, Risk & Contract Management Branch in Treasury will be followed by panel discussion and Q&A session on the Discussion Paper on the Tasmanian Government ‘Technology Services Procurement’ Review.

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