Kiikstart creates business models and staff with the skill set and talent that are able to re-design how they work to ensure disruption and uncertainty does not derail future growth.

Our clients are ambitious to grow in the right way and make a commitment to designing change within business before they are negatively disrupted.

The last 15 years have been spent ensuring our clients can create the strategies that respond to the change around them and to make sure their brands, product/service offering and client experience remains relevant and meaningful.

A key part of our expertise is focusing on creating employee brands that can attract the best talent for the future and creating the back end operations and learning and development processes and systems to deliver on their promise.

Kiikstart is not a traditional consultancy and we are are side by side with our clients from strategic development right through to the execution of new ideas. Robust, contemporary learning that delivers measurable outcome, now and in a changing world, underpins all our projects.

Simply put the Kiikstart process is defined in four key end to end parts:

1. Strategic Development
2. Skill development to be able to deliver on the strategy
3. Process and systems design – including internal and external communications
4. Trial and experimentation of ideas and strategy