Proposed Bass Strait feasibility study

TASICT today welcomed the Labor commitment to include data transmission in the proposed Bass Strait feasibility study.

“The higher cost of data transmission across Bass Strait is between 200 and 300% higher than the cost of transmitting data between Sydney and Melbourne,” Mr Winter said.

“We cannot allow our historical geographical barrier to continue to be a digital one.

“The cost of data transmission across Bass Strait will be just as critical to Tasmania’s economic future as the cost of shipping.

“Volumes are destined to increase and we need to make sure that both capacity and competition issues are assessed and fixed.”

The ALP statement said it would include optic fibre in its plans for a second Basslink cable. Labor’s commitment of $1.5 million for a full feasibility analysis into building a second Bass Strait electricity interconnector will include optic fibre for greater capacity, market contestability and lower prices.


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